The manufacture of high-quality bags/luggage still involves a high degree of manual craftsmanship. Our experienced bag makers still perform individual operations by hand, as was the case hundreds of years ago.

To ensure that the high-quality product remains affordable, we also use state-of-the-art technology. This means we can produce large quantities with outstanding materials and workmanship within short lead times.

For small quantities we can also produce your collection at a fair price (using our special work organisation and CAD-controlled cutting).

  • Our qualified artisan bag makers, tailors and cutters,
  • our own carpentry workshop and metalworking shop for producing frames and
  • our pool of experienced specialists in the region

are the basis for our efficient production and thus for an optimum price-performance ratio for your product.

We cooperate with other national and international manufacturers to find the best possible solutions for our clients. In cases where it would be sensible to outsource the manufacturing, we take care of finding suitable production partners and can also assume the quality control and logistics if required.

Best craftsmanship + fair price = Made in Germany by Leder Atelier Apolda

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